Project Description

Guyed Masts

LeBLANC Communications offers a suite of Guyed Masts. The LeBLANC Communications suite of Guyed Masts comes in a triangular shape, has a lattice guyed design and is made of tubular, solid and angular elements. Designed for light to medium loads, the Guyed Masts is perfectly suitable for cellular sites, TV and AM/FM radio stations.

Their modular design enables any last minute modifications according to demand and thus the Guyed Mast modules can easily be changed according to a customers’ specific site design.

Due to the Guyed Masts flexible design, all accessories can be installed at any desired height and location on the Guyed Masts.

Recommended Use for Guyed Masts:

  • GSM/CDMA Equipment
  • Video Surveillance Equipment
  • Wind Turbines
  • FM Radio
  • TV
  • Meteorological Equipment